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My journal is full of stuff but i never shared it with anyone.....and I really liked the comments you shared here yesterday so feel free to tell me about this one!

A visualization is a methodical process that is building an energetic construct in your mind [or spirit? o.O] that reflects the physical world. They are both blue-prints and guides.

Would you agree?

So some [if not all] types of music are formed to create energetic constructs. So we can build these places, take others with us, and establish a new set of rules, and eventually affect our own reality? Maybe?

What are the bounds of possibility if we are changing our reality by entering trances so we can enter these energetic constructs where the laws of physics are transformed into something where YOU or your focus decides what is possible.. Changing reality through changing the focus and rules of reality, putting our minds in a place where they can accept things they normally would not..?

So how dramatically can we change our reality if we spend more time in these mind sets? Is that the point of no return, where you lose your sense of self and merge into oneness or lose your sense of consciousness? Or is that at the point where, when staying aware, you can do things like Neo.. Dodging bullets, because your mind is stuck in one of these mind sets where you are capable of doing this easily..?
In today's world.....
The only motive of a man is to have women (get money to fuck bitches)
and the only motive of women is to get a man (get a rich man who will fulfill her every need)

this is what drives the world
the only thing why people work like a donkey ...
It's not because they enjoy it ....It's because they want to be rich (so that others will respect them)
And eventually they will stand out as a greater potential sexual person as opposed to others when a woman wants to have sex with someone.

same for women vice versa (in form of "beauty")
I hate small talks.
I wanna talk about atoms,
the meaning of life,faraway galaxies,
the lies you've told,your flaws, your
favourite scents,your childhood,
what keeps you at night,
your insecurity and fears.
I like people with depth,
who speak with emotion,
a twisted mind.

I dont want only to know ''whats up''  
Im sure Ankredible knows what im talking about Big Fool Emoji-19 (You done) [V2] 



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