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Allow me to elaborate. We eat and drink out of love for our bodies much as we breathe in air. We take care of those we bare into this world out of love until that love fosters into a whole person capable of doing this themselves. We prolong our own lives out the love we have for them. The hole we develop inside ourselves is from a lack of love. No amount of things will fill this hole. What causes the hole, you might ask? Our ego. It lies to us and tells us we must be separate to have value and that things can instead fill it. Ever bought a smartphone? I bet if you're reading this, chances are you have. How did feel when you saw a better one that did 30 things yours did not? Not good is the common answer. Unless you impulsively bought the first thing you saw and could afford, chances are you looked into your purchase. It was sufficient when you bought it. The only reason is that you're assignment of status to the quality of things you have has been equivilated to your self worth. This is a downward spiral. You're ego will tell you that you deserve only the best things when in reality you only deserve love. Next time you feel empty, remember that you just need to fill that hole with love. Its a more fulfilling action that is its own reward.  Our brains actually release an array of pleasure hormones when exibit generous behavior towards others. And i like pleasure, especially the free kind. And the best part of love is that it is in fact free. Its when we let our ego take hold and tells us the greatest lie, that we slowly starve. We hurt, we break, we just run out of steam. Love yourself, then love the world. Try it. What do you have to lose? Be well.
Whenever I was in fifth grade, I developed my own theory on what happens when we die
I told myself that whenever you died, you would go up or down on the spiritual planes depending on your moral balance in that life. If you are directly in the middle, but you were a complete saint that entire lifetime and never did anything to harm anyone and helped everyone, you would go up a shit ton of layers, and every layer up is a better life while every layer down is worse. That was my concept of Heaven and Hell. The very top layer being Heaven, very bottom being Hell. When God cast down Lucifer, Lucifer must have done something bad enough to send him sailing through every plane possible to what is now Hell

Fuck guys I was a morbid fifth grader
My journal is full of stuff but i never shared it with anyone.....and I really liked the comments you shared here yesterday so feel free to tell me about this one!

A visualization is a methodical process that is building an energetic construct in your mind [or spirit? o.O] that reflects the physical world. They are both blue-prints and guides.

Would you agree?

So some [if not all] types of music are formed to create energetic constructs. So we can build these places, take others with us, and establish a new set of rules, and eventually affect our own reality? Maybe?

What are the bounds of possibility if we are changing our reality by entering trances so we can enter these energetic constructs where the laws of physics are transformed into something where YOU or your focus decides what is possible.. Changing reality through changing the focus and rules of reality, putting our minds in a place where they can accept things they normally would not..?

So how dramatically can we change our reality if we spend more time in these mind sets? Is that the point of no return, where you lose your sense of self and merge into oneness or lose your sense of consciousness? Or is that at the point where, when staying aware, you can do things like Neo.. Dodging bullets, because your mind is stuck in one of these mind sets where you are capable of doing this easily..?


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